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Kahve - Latte Review - Vancouver

I love visiting Kitsilano. In particular, the West 4th strip is a space of good eats, lifestyle shops, and a beach, all in close proximity. I was recently here for an unrelated media tasting but on my way home I walked by Kahve. I knew I was going to have »

Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar - Siphon Review - Vancouver

When's the last time you spent $10 on a cup of coffee? Most of us have yet to reach this level of coffee enjoyment, but a few shops in Vancouver hover around this mark when it comes to serving up siphon-brewed coffee. Starbucks has recently expanded its small-lot Starbucks Reserve® »

Propaganda Coffee - Latte Review - Vancouver

Lattes are my go-to whenever I'm at any coffee shop. Luckily, I live and work in Vancouver where coffee shops are aplenty and so my latest coffee-venture took me to Propaganda Coffee in Chinatown. Espresso: Team GlueCrew came here for a mid-afternoon coffee and I had myself a Latte ($4. »