Noshing in London, England – One Ambitious Food Tour [ADVENTURE]

It's a new age in most of the world – Vancouver included. With all the time I'm spending socially distancing and even abstaining from hanging with my girlfriend (she is a health care provider), a little more time has allowed me to edit photos and get down some documentation on some recent travels. »

Oca Pastificio – A Pure Pasta Haven in Vancouver [REVIEW]

I love Italian food, don't get me wrong. I love pasta and pretty much all carbs. I also love La Quercia and their tasting menu which constantly changes. It was painful to come to this conclusion that I'm just not the right type of audience for Oca Pastificio. »

Butcher and Bullock – Dine Out Vancouver 2020 [OVERVIEW]

Dine Out Vancouver comes and goes in a flash because 2 weeks passes by really quickly. The hardest part is choosing a restaurant. Thankfully for me, I had that choice narrowed down to any of the Donnelly Group restaurants, which, to my delight, were not all offering the exact same menu. »

Best Almond Croissants in Greater Vancouver [GUIDE]

Almond croissants have long been my go-to at cafes and bakeries. This hyper-local list is no casual walkthrough of the prettiest photos on Instagram. I actually paid for, ate, and ranked every almond croissant that appears, taking notes for each one. »

Best Burgers in Vancouver [GUIDE]

One of the greatest inventions in food history has to be the burger. Hotly contested is the origin of burgers, with claims of its creation going as far back as the 1800s. The burger is a timeless piece of dining history that resonates with childhood, with beer, and... »

Sushi Bar Maumi – The Best $75 Omakase in Vancouver [REVIEW]

It's time for another omakase review on this food blog! My sister was in town for her annual visit and because she visits from the prairie province of Alberta, Vancouver sushi is always at the top of her dining list. For this encounter, we settled on Sushi Bar Maumi, a restaurant that's known for... »

Flourist – Fair Trade Grain and Cafe in Vancouver [REVIEW]

This is not just a cafe but a shop that mills its own flour and sells grains from trusted farmers they can identify by name (more on this later). A long spiel made short: flour products from Flourist are perishable because that's the way naturally-made flour goes. »