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T-Go Tea - Naturally-Flavoured Bubble Tea in Richmond [REVIEW]

I love bubble tea (or boba for you Americans). Even though I'm a fan of these specialty tea drinks, I'm aware that many "traditional" shops serve up slushes full of sugar syrups and milk teas with flavoured powders. That's a pretty poor diet long-term, so I'm happy to »

Rad Tea Room - Clean Bubble Tea in Downtown Vancouver [REVIEW]

Anyone who's had traditional bubble tea know milk powder, tea powder, and cheap pearls are as classic as it gets. At Rad Tea Room, the concerns of such overly sweet, processed flavours are addressed by real ingredients and a workflow that produces your drink of choice in a visible space. »

Umaluma - Dairy-Free Gelato in Vancouver [REVIEW]

I love ice cream as much as anyone in Vancouver. Lactose intolerance doesn't stop me from enjoying this sweet dessert but I admit I get pretty pumped whenever I hear of a dairy-free option that's not sorbet. In comes Umaluma, and my interest is immediately piqued. Coconut milk, organic ingredients, »

45 Degree Bubble Tea - Shaken With Ice [REVIEW]

I've recently begun a bubble tea phase. It's probably because my workplace is near a bubble tea place that lets you choose from all sorts of teas. I guess it's only fitting that when Eat With Mao hit me up to try out 45 Degrees Bubble Tea House, I was »

Toku Japanese Restaurant - Kyoto Gion Box - Richmond [REVIEW]

Summers have come and gone with a lot of dessert fanfare generally around the topic of ice cream. One Japanese restaurant in Richmond, however, has bucked that trend. They're not even a new restaurant, but Toku Japanese Restaurant (first opened in 2015), has recently begun serving their Kyoto Gion Box »

Temper Pastry and Chocolate - West Vancouver [REVIEW]

I love me a good dessert after hiking. After a pleasant plod through some trails at Lighthouse Park, I knew we would pass by Temper on the way back into Vancouver. Great planning, right? There isn't too much hype in the Dundarave neighbourhood these days, but I thought I'd poke »

My Frosty - Korean Bingsoo in East Vancouver [REVIEW]

Korean-style iced dessert has arrived in East Vancouver. Known traditionally as "patbingsoo" (팥빙수), blocks of frozen icy milk are shaved into a bowl and then topped with dessert toppings. Snowy Village is currently the largest local chain with locations in Richmond, downtown Vancouver, and Coquitlam, but the newest »

Mosquito - Dessert Bar in Vancouver [REVIEW]

Finding desserts shouldn’t be a hard thing to do. Apart from the usual ice cream or bakery though, there are almost zero dessert venues that are primarily focussed on desserts. Enter Mosquito, a dessert bar that opened in Vancouver back in 2015 that offers dessert on the first page »