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Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. – New Vegan Menu in Vancouver [PREVIEW]

Good vegan food is hard to come across in Vancouver when you consider most restaurants that bother having good vegetarian options hardly ever include vegan items. This past week I was invited to a media preview of the new plant-based vegan menu of Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. As an omnivore, »

Mokutanya - Yakitori in the Bay Area Burbs [REVIEW]

The Bay Area is full of hidden gems. When I visited San Francisco in September I was meeting up with some of my favourite foodies and trusted them to make an informed dining decision. Because they live outside the city, we settled on Mokutanya, a yakitori specialty restaurant with some »

Louis Gervais Fine Foods and Catering [REVIEW]

If there's a black box category of dining where you don't always know what you get, it's catering. Considered by the corporate world as the finer alternative to quinoa salads from Costco, catering services can have all sorts of backgrounds marketing to similar customers. Take Louis Gervais Fine Foods and »

AnnaLena - Modern Canadian in Vancouver [REVIEW]

As some may know, AnnaLena is the current product by East Vancouver-raised Chef Michael Robbins. Having opened The Oakwood in Kitsilano a few years prior, his current eatery is a dinner-only menu inspired by his creative direction (there are Bearbricks on display and Gameboys etched onto the walls). A few »

Ichikame Shokudo – Japanese in East Vancouver [REVIEW]

It's uncommon for East Vancouver to receive Japanese cuisine in the form of ramen, curry, and stone bowls. More often than not, the most the east side gets are generic sushi stops with the occasional matcha pastry sold at a Chinese bakery. Kokoro Ramen aside, with Ichikame Shokudo opening's this »

Johnny Rockets - Classic Americana in Vancouver [REVIEW]

Following the heels of the last Vancouver expansion of a popular American burger chain (CaliBurger), Johnny Rockets has stepped up and opened a new location in a brand new building on the corner of Nelson Street at Howe in Vancouver. With bold reds and claims of "the original hamburger& »

Taste of Yaletown - Yaletown L'Antipasto [REVIEW]

Stepping into a little hovel and experiencing what the locals eat is every tourist's dream when it comes to dining. Yaletown L'Antipasto seeks to provide the same atmosphere for Italian cuisine, and is one of the mainstays of Taste of Yaletown, now in its 13th year. Until October 27th, 26 »

Taste of Yaletown - The New Oxford [REVIEW]

Yaletown's favourite foodie event is back for the 13th time. Until October 27th, 26 new and mainstay Taste of Yaletown participating restaurants will be offering 3-course prix fixe menus at $25, $35, or $45 price points. In addition to supporting local dining, partial proceeds benefit the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. »

Kin Khao - Michelin Star Dining in San Francisco [REVIEW]

On my last trip to the Bay Area, I was excited to try some upscale west coast eateries. A couple days after Foreign Cinema, I was at Kin Khao, a 1 Michelin Star restaurant in downtown San Francisco. With this designation in mind, and my first Michelin experience at stake, »

Dockside Restaurant - 2017 Fall Menu - Vancouver [PREVIEW]

With the coming of autumn, some restaurants will be shifting their menus to incorporate flavours to match the season. Dockside Restaurant, located in Vancouver's Granville Island, have introduced Mark Crofton as their new Executive Chef, and together put out some new culinary creations. I got to try 8 of their »

National Taco Day at La Taqueria - Vancouver [RECAP]

Wednesday October 4th was National Taco Day and nearly every big taco shop in Vancouver was celebrating. None took it as far as La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop though as these folks were offering 2-for-1 tacos for every customer walking through the doors between 3-6pm. For the big celebration though, »