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Shark Club - Revisited Review - Vancouver

It's not often that this happens, but after my previous outing to Shark Club for the Oilers vs Ducks Game 6, I was invited back for a dinner, on the house. I was informed the experience I had was not reflective of Shark Club standards. With that in mind, I »

Joe Fortes - Seafood and Chop House Review - Vancouver

Sometimes it feels new restaurants are opening nonstop, but that's something that keeps Vancouver interesting. The springtime is especially big for sprouting businesses looking to take advantage of a tourist-friendly summer. Where does that put restaurants like Joe Fortes Seafood and Chop House, which has been open since 1985? I »

Oceans 999 - Italian Opera Buffet Review - Vancouver

Ever get hungry during an opera show? At the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver, Saturdays are Italian Opera Buffet day at Oceans 999. What this means is while you're gorging yourself over so many options plate after plate, your bites are accompanied by live piano and opera performances. Is this »

Shark Club - Sports Bar Review - Vancouver

Home teams be damned. At least when it comes to NHL hockey, if the hometown Vancouver Canucks aren't performing, there's still love for the Edmonton Oilers and Connor McDavid. To indulge in playoff action, I went to Shark Club in Vancouver as I knew the space was recently renovated to »

Monarch Burger at The American - Review - Vancouver

Burger-ism is the belief that a good burger represents a good bar. At least, that's my definition. The American, known as Main Street's version of The Cambie, is a local watering hole that's recently unveiled a burger pop-up by Robert Belcham, the inventor of Campagnolo Upstairs' Dirty Burger. With a »

5 Best Things from MYST Asian Fusion - Burnaby

Hey guys! A new restaurant has appeared in the Burnaby dining scene. MYST Asian Fusion, as the name suggests, offers a menu that touches Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese cuisines. With so much happening, it can be hard to know what to order. Luckily, I was invited to a media tasting »

Octopus’ Garden - $100 Omakase Review - Vancouver

In Vancouver, you have many options for Japanese food. You have your sushi and ramen places and you have izakayas. As you dine in the pricier echelons, omakase becomes the definitive standard of fine Japanese dining. Octopus’ Garden is an example of such a restaurant, offering two levels of omakase. »

Canucks Club 500 - Unlimited Buffet Review - Vancouver

Hey guys! When the Vancouver Canucks are hot (4 wins to start the season!), you can hear the wheels of the bandwagon begin to churn. While most fans are aware of regular seating in the upper and lower bowls of Rogers Arena, there’s a whole new experience on the »

Raisu - Japanese Izakaya Review - Vancouver

Japanese food appears to be maintaining its popularity in Vancouver, especially in the case of the company “Group Restaurant” which has launched its latest izakaya creation, Raisu, in the Kitsilano West 4th neighbourhood in Vancouver. With exclusive menu items, does this new eatery stand out from its family or is »