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Foreign Cinema - Dinner and a Movie in San Francisco [REVIEW]

Commonly known as "The Mission", the Mission District in San Francisco is home to many restaurants, bars, and nightlife events. While the age-old "dinner and a movie" date is still prevalent today, few venues (apart from drive-in theatres) manage to capture its essence quite as well »

Yale Saloon - BBQ Food in Downtown Vancouver [REVIEW]

I'm a big fan of barbecue. Whether it's the smell of brisket, slurping savoury sauces, or the finger-friendly madness, I'm in. And cornbread. Delightful, delicious cornbread. Having barbecue options downtown seems pretty essential to a night out, so it's almost fitting that The Yale Saloon is the only place in »

Rice Burger - Burgers with a Japanese Twist - Vancouver [REVIEW]

This review is not for protein hustlers. For the rest of us carbloaders though, Rice Burger has recently opened up in the former Sasamat Pizza space in Vancouver's Point Grey neighbourhood. Has the bread bun in traditonal hamburgers been holding you back from properly enjoying burgers with a Japanese twist »

Cactus Club - Frosé™ Review - Vancouver

You know a drink is serious when it gets trademarked, right? I kid you not, Cactus Club has one drink pegged with a trademark symbol on their Sunday Funday drink menu. Being a basic soul for rosé, I knew it was only a matter of time before I needed to »

Chickpea - Israeli Vegan in Vancouver [REVIEW]

Vegan food isn't all just sliced vegetables and tofu. No, some perfectly tasty food just happens to be vegan and marketed to vegan diets. I'm not vegan, but I knew I was going to visit Chickpea, a new restaurant on Vancouver's Main Street. First starting as a food truck featuring »

Dosanko - Hokkaido Japanese in Japantown, Vancouver [REVIEW]

While not as prominent in today's society, Japanese immigrants from the early 1900s had a large representation in the neighbourhood east of Gastown and Railtown known as Japantown. It's fitting then, that a place like Dosanko has sprung up in this neighbourhood that today houses a very wide income demographic. »

Gyo Para - New Ramen on Broadway - Vancouver [REVIEW]

If Japanese ramen needs any introduction, it's simply one of Vancouver's favourite meals. Enjoyed in groups or solo, ramen doesn't discriminate. Back in 1993, it was first opened as Gyoza Paradise downtown. Today, it's been relaunched as Gyo Para on Broadway next to the Arbutus Corridor. Do the noodles hold »

Yuzu Shokutei - New Japanese Ramen on Denman Street - Vancouver [REVIEW]

Ramen never goes out of style in Vancouver. Within the city's most famous neighbourhood for Japanese ramen, the West End, Yuzu Shokutei has recently opened shop. With the same interior as last year's short-lived Touhenboku Ramen (a chain from Toronto, ON), does Yuzu Shokutei differentiate itself enough from nearby Japanese »

Score on Davie - Checkmate Caesar Review - Vancouver

There are caesar cocktails, and then there are the caesars at Score on Davie in Vancouver. Holy moly. Fans of Canada's famous cocktail ought to stop by this West End bar because there appears to be a decked out caesar for all budgets. I came by to try the mighty »

Kingyo - Japanese Izakaya Review - Vancouver

I'm pretty sure every food blogger of importance has visited and written a review of Kingyo. For one reason or another, I had to wait nearly 3 years into my food blogging career to visit one of Vancouver's most talked about Japanese izakayas. Do the enthusiastic staff and menu make »

Celebrating Lentils' Journey From the Farm to the Table

How do you include lentils into your diet? For many of us, lentils, one of Canada's biggest exports, is often found as a soup or curry ingredient and lumped in with vegetarian diets. This week I had a taste of a life with more lentils at "Lentils & Utensils& »