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Chef's Table Society - Wild Salmon Celebration [RECAP]

As far as wild versus farm salmon, I'm definitely for team #wild. The usual inhibitor is cost as wild salmon is pricier. I was geniunely interested when I heard the Chef's Table Society of BC was hosting a Wild Salmon Celebration. »

Grey Goose Sunset Soiree – French Picnic in Vancouver [OVERVIEW]

There's something satisfying about opening up a big basket of food to settle into a summer evening in Vancouver. Last week I had the privilege of attending such a dining event named the Sunset Soirée, hosted by Grey Goose Canada. Disclosure: I was given a media invitation to this event »

The Deighton Cup - Vancouver [OVERVIEW]

The Deighton Cup has come and gone, but what a stellar event! As far as inclusive, social events in Vancouver, I do believe The Deighton Cup is one of The Social Concierge's finest events. It's really a "day at the races" when it comes to this special day »

Deighton Cup 2017 - The 9th Year [EVENT]

Dust off your fascinators because the Deighton Cup is returning for its 9th go this Saturday, July 22nd, 2017. The Deighton Cup For the uninitiated, the Deighton Cup is a old-fashioned day at the races, featuring horses, champagne, and lunch. Imagine a grizzled gentlemen shaking his ticket from the grandstand »