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T-Go Tea - Naturally-Flavoured Bubble Tea in Richmond [REVIEW]

I love bubble tea (or boba for you Americans). Even though I'm a fan of these specialty tea drinks, I'm aware that many "traditional" shops serve up slushes full of sugar syrups and milk teas with flavoured powders. That's a pretty poor diet long-term, so I'm happy to »

Toku Japanese Restaurant - Kyoto Gion Box - Richmond [REVIEW]

Summers have come and gone with a lot of dessert fanfare generally around the topic of ice cream. One Japanese restaurant in Richmond, however, has bucked that trend. They're not even a new restaurant, but Toku Japanese Restaurant (first opened in 2015), has recently begun serving their Kyoto Gion Box »

25 Things to Eat at Illumination Summer Night Market - Richmond

Whether you think it's already too hot or not, summer is on its way into Vancouver. With the outdoor event season picking up, the Illumination Summer Night Market seeks your attention when it comes to fast, fresh outdoor Asian food and drinks with its numerous stands. There are 60 vendors »