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Science of Cocktails 2018 - Sneak Peek [PREVIEW]

There's nothing like a preview to know exactly what you're getting yourself into. For Science of Cocktails 2018, I was given a small taste test of what's in store for this year's most scientifically-charged cocktail night. Hosted at Showcase Restaurant, I sampled through 4 cocktail stations, 3 food stations, and »

Science of Cocktails Returns February 8th in Vancouver

If there's one event that I was absolutely floored by last year, it was a night spent at Science of Cocktails. Hosted at Science World, I got to experience first-hand the "night mode" of every Vancouverite's favourite science attraction. With the usual logical knick-knacks and visual stimuli in »

Cactus Club Cafe – Bentall 5 Dinner in Vancouver [REVIEW]

I usually don't write about a chain restaurant more than once, but Cactus Club Cafe made an exception. After my previous visit to their Coal Harbour location (tl;dr service was real slow), their Guest Relations department reached out to me to hear more. In the end, given the experience »

49th Parallel Coffee Roasters – Eggburger [REVIEW]

When I go for brunch, I look for eggs on the menu. When I go to bars, I look at the burgers on the menu. When I go to cafes, I look for lattes. When 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters unveiled their new eggburgers, it was like my food worlds collided. »

Shopping for Premium Olive Oil in Vancouver [GUIDE]

Food products are some of my favourites to give as gifts. When I was thinking of gifts for my sister, I came upon the idea of infused olive oil. These oils are premium olive oils flavoured with a whole variety of herbs, fruits, and other naturally occurring flavours that make »

Honey Salt – Farm-to-Table at Parq Vancouver [REVIEW]

Happy 2018! With a new year, I thought it would be fitting to share one of my finer experiences. I found myself at the recently-opened Honey Salt, 1 of 5 eateries found at Parq Vancouver. With a farm-to-table concept, does this upper-midrange restaurant exhibit a promising menu or are all »

10 Foodie Happenings of 2017 in Vancouver

As 2017 comes to an end, I thought it'd be nice to share some noteworthy things that happened in the food world. This is a hyper-local list of things that either took place in or included Greater Vancouver. Listed in no particular order, here are all the eats and drinks »

Spade - New Italian Cafe Bistro in Vancouver [RECAP]

Commercial Drive is a largely Italian-driven neighbourhood in Vancouver and the newest opening further strengthens that representation. Spade, from the operators of Prado Cafe, has just opened up a block away from Prado Cafe on The Drive. Focusing on a mix of cafe treats transitioning to Italian tapas and family-style »

Pan Pacific Christmas Wish Breakfast 2017 – Vancouver [RECAP]

There's something good to be said about spreading some Christmas cheer. Whether or not you observe this holiday, the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver excluded zero Lower Mainland citizens as it held its 30th annual Christmas Wish Breakfast. As an invited influencer, I was privy to the scene from start »