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The New Oxford - Brunch in Vancouver [REVIEW]

The Donnelly Group is known for producing a number of pub-type restaurants as well as event venues around Vancouver. Among its Yaletown presence is The New Oxford which features Executive Chef Alvin Pillay (previously of Hubbub and Edible Canada) and Development Chef Sarah Stewart (previously of Juniper). I was given »

The Deighton Cup - Vancouver [OVERVIEW]

The Deighton Cup has come and gone, but what a stellar event! As far as inclusive, social events in Vancouver, I do believe The Deighton Cup is one of The Social Concierge's finest events. It's really a "day at the races" when it comes to this special day »

Banter Room - Lunch in Yaletown - Vancouver [REVIEW]

A new restaurant in Vancouver's Yaletown is always an exciting topic for me because it's a neighbourhood that mixes industrial cityscape with modern restaurant design. Banter Room is one of the newest additions to the dining scene and aims to provide a comfortable space where drinks and conversation are the »

Ford #FarmToCar - Sustainability Feast at UBC Farm [OVERVIEW]

When I think about farms, I usually think how essential they are to all sorts of industries. Wine, food, and grocers all benefit from the hard work of farmers. It was at the Ford Sustainability Feast where I learned Ford has been dipping into the agricultural sector for decades to »

Gyo Para - New Ramen on Broadway - Vancouver [REVIEW]

If Japanese ramen needs any introduction, it's simply one of Vancouver's favourite meals. Enjoyed in groups or solo, ramen doesn't discriminate. Back in 1993, it was first opened as Gyoza Paradise downtown. Today, it's been relaunched as Gyo Para on Broadway next to the Arbutus Corridor. Do the noodles hold »

Yuzu Shokutei - New Japanese Ramen on Denman Street - Vancouver [REVIEW]

Ramen never goes out of style in Vancouver. Within the city's most famous neighbourhood for Japanese ramen, the West End, Yuzu Shokutei has recently opened shop. With the same interior as last year's short-lived Touhenboku Ramen (a chain from Toronto, ON), does Yuzu Shokutei differentiate itself enough from nearby Japanese »

Tasting Plates - Stadium District - Vancouver [OVERVIEW]

Just because you're on the edge of downtown still means you're close to something good. Known as the Stadium District, this area of Vancouver sits outside the main downtown area but near Rogers Arena and BC Place. As part of Vancouver Foodster's Tasting Plates, I experienced a taste of 5 »

Walk Strathcona Summer Series [OVERVIEW]

Among the various neighbourhoods in Vancouver, there isn't one with quite the mix in business that Strathcona has. With its activity in wall murals, diversity in the populace, and a number of developments both industrial and retail, this area of Vancouver has big plans for the next 4 years. I »

My Frosty - Korean Bingsoo in East Vancouver [REVIEW]

Korean-style iced dessert has arrived in East Vancouver. Known traditionally as "patbingsoo" (팥빙수), blocks of frozen icy milk are shaved into a bowl and then topped with dessert toppings. Snowy Village is currently the largest local chain with locations in Richmond, downtown Vancouver, and Coquitlam, but the newest »

Dalina - Grocery, Kitchen, and Coffee - Vancouver [REVIEW]

New concept eateries always get me excited. In the case of Dalina, which opened last December, I was intrigued by the grocery, kitchen and coffee concept which sounded like an interesting central eatery idea. I like to think of it like Be Fresh Local Market or Whole Foods without the »

Parallel 49 Street Kitchen - Brunch and Brews [Review]

If there are two things Vancouverites love on the weekend, it's brunch and brews. There's a certain joy when it comes to mixing fresh beer with the joy of runny yolks and sweet syrups. In East Vancouver, Parallel 49 Brewing Company has added food to their menu and converted their »