Foreign Cinema - Dinner and a Movie in San Francisco [REVIEW]

Commonly known as "The Mission", the Mission District in San Francisco is home to many restaurants, bars, and nightlife events. While the age-old theme of a dinner and a movie date is still prevalent today, few venues (apart from drive-in theatres) manage to capture both events at the »

Paramount Fine Foods - Lebanese Cuisine in Vancouver [REVIEW]

Lebanese food can be hard to come by in restaurant form. In Vancouver, there are just a small smattering of them not named Nuba. So when I found out Paramount Fine Foods (a Canadian chain) was opened along central Robson Street, I was curious. Does this chain deliver good enough »

Yale Saloon - BBQ Food in Downtown Vancouver [REVIEW]

I'm a big fan of barbecue. Whether it's the smell of brisket, slurping savoury sauces, or the finger-friendly madness, I'm in. And cornbread. Delightful, delicious cornbread. Having barbecue options downtown seems pretty essential to a night out, so it's almost fitting that The Yale Saloon is the only place in »

TWG Tea - Mooncake Collection - Vancouver [REVIEW]

The mid-autumn festival is fast approaching (October 4th) so you're going to start seeing mooncakes in bakeries. Among stores celebrating the yearly harvest is TWG Tea in Vancouver. With tea-infused mousseline or lotus pastes, these are some of the most luxurious mooncakes you can buy for family and friends. I »

Rice Burger - Burgers with a Japanese Twist - Vancouver [REVIEW]

This review is not for protein hustlers. For the rest of us carbloaders though, Rice Burger has recently opened up in the former Sasamat Pizza space in Vancouver's Point Grey neighbourhood. Has the bread bun in traditonal hamburgers been holding you back from properly enjoying burgers with a Japanese twist »

Rad Tea Room - Clean Bubble Tea in Downtown Vancouver [REVIEW]

Anyone who's had traditional bubble tea know milk powder, tea powder, and cheap pearls are as classic as it gets. At Rad Tea Room, the concerns of such overly sweet, processed flavours are addressed by real ingredients and a workflow that produces your drink of choice in a visible space. »

Cactus Club - Frosé™ Review - Vancouver

You know a drink is serious when it gets trademarked, right? I kid you not, Cactus Club has one drink pegged with a trademark symbol on their Sunday Funday drink menu. Being a basic soul for rosé, I knew it was only a matter of time before I needed to »

Umaluma - Dairy-Free Gelato in Vancouver [REVIEW]

I love ice cream as much as anyone in Vancouver. Lactose intolerance doesn't stop me from enjoying this sweet dessert but I admit I get pretty pumped whenever I hear of a dairy-free option that's not sorbet. In comes Umaluma, and my interest is immediately piqued. Coconut milk, organic ingredients, »

Hawk & Hen - Waiting on Brunch in Victoria [REVIEW]

A day trip to Victoria can be hectic enough as it is. Between the 3 hours spent commuting on a ferry and the distance to and from terminals, I like to keep a soft timer on things like meal time and chopping out itinerary items in case there isn't enough »

45 Degree Bubble Tea - Shaken With Ice [REVIEW]

I've recently begun a bubble tea phase. It's probably because my workplace is near a bubble tea place that lets you choose from all sorts of teas. I guess it's only fitting that when Eat With Mao hit me up to try out 45 Degrees Bubble Tea House, I was »