Chef's Table Society - Wild Salmon Celebration [RECAP]

As far as wild versus farm salmon, I'm definitely for team #wild. The usual inhibitor is cost as wild salmon is pricier. I was geniunely interested when I heard the Chef's Table Society of BC was hosting a Wild Salmon Celebration. »

2017 Ford Escape Titanium - 4WD Compact Crossover [REVIEW]

Some things are massively easier with a car. I got a chance to test drive the 2017 Ford Escape Titanium and so I did a couple weekend trips to Bellingham and Victoria to judge how the vehicle fits into my vacation lifestyle which is really a lot of restaurants, dining, »

Quiznos Canada - #Quiznos150 Pulled Pork Sandwiches [GIVEAWAY]

I'll be the first to admit my usual lunch of choice is a sandwich. It's easy to make, is usually handheld, and fresh bread never goes out of style. With glee, I accepted Quiznos' invitation to be a taste tester of their new #Quiznos150 signature subs featuring Canadian pulled pork »

Chickpea - Israeli Vegan in Vancouver [REVIEW]

Vegan food isn't all just sliced vegetables and tofu. No, some perfectly tasty food just happens to be vegan and marketed to vegan diets. I'm not vegan, but I knew I was going to visit Chickpea, a new restaurant on Vancouver's Main Street. First starting as a food truck featuring »

La Glace - French-Style Ice Cream - Vancouver [REVIEW]

It's not summer in Vancouver without a new ice cream shop opening. For 2017, the eastern edge of the Arbutus Ridge neighbourhood has seen La Glace open its doors this August. With French décor and an emphasis on handmade ice cream, does this dessert stop stand up to the rest »

Dosanko - Hokkaido Japanese in Japantown, Vancouver [REVIEW]

While not as prominent in today's society, Japanese immigrants from the early 1900s had a large representation in the neighbourhood east of Gastown and Railtown known as Japantown. It's fitting then, that a place like Dosanko has sprung up in this neighbourhood that today houses a very wide income demographic. »

Grey Goose Sunset Soiree – French Picnic in Vancouver [OVERVIEW]

There's something satisfying about opening up a big basket of food to settle into a summer evening in Vancouver. Last week I had the privilege of attending such a dining event named the Sunset Soirée, hosted by Grey Goose Canada. Disclosure: I was given a media invitation to this event »

The New Oxford - Brunch in Vancouver [REVIEW]

The Donnelly Group is known for producing a number of pub-type restaurants as well as event venues around Vancouver. Among its Yaletown presence is The New Oxford which features Executive Chef Alvin Pillay (previously of Hubbub and Edible Canada) and Development Chef Sarah Stewart (previously of Juniper). I was given »

Toku Japanese Restaurant - Kyoto Gion Box - Richmond [REVIEW]

Summers have come and gone with a lot of dessert fanfare generally around the topic of ice cream. One Japanese restaurant in Richmond, however, has bucked that trend. They're not even a new restaurant, but Toku Japanese Restaurant (first opened in 2015), has recently begun serving their Kyoto Gion Box »

The Deighton Cup - Vancouver [OVERVIEW]

The Deighton Cup has come and gone, but what a stellar event! As far as inclusive, social events in Vancouver, I do believe The Deighton Cup is one of The Social Concierge's finest events. It's really a "day at the races" when it comes to this special day »

Banter Room - Lunch in Yaletown - Vancouver [REVIEW]

A new restaurant in Vancouver's Yaletown is always an exciting topic for me because it's a neighbourhood that mixes industrial cityscape with modern restaurant design. Banter Room is one of the newest additions to the dining scene and aims to provide a comfortable space where drinks and conversation are the »