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Hanson started Nosh and Nibble in 2014 and has been writing restaurant reviews, event overviews, and seasonal lists since then. He has a personal bias against pineapple.

ACME Cafe - Homey Diner in Vancouver [REVIEW]

Welp, the news is out there that ACME Cafe owners have sold their homey-feeling restaurant to a new owner looking to open a new concept. With that being said, I thought this a last chance for me to say some things about this Gastown eatery and share some parting words. »

Drew's Catering & Events – Fresh Window [REVIEW]

For much of the past 4 weeks, I've been a lucky judge for one of Vancouver Foodster's food challenges. The Burger Challenge was my most anticipated challenge of the year because I feel these buns of glory are underrated in the food community in Vancouver. For the judge's vote, the »

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. – New Vegan Menu in Vancouver [PREVIEW]

Good vegan food is hard to come across in Vancouver when you consider most restaurants that bother having good vegetarian options hardly ever include vegan items. This past week I was invited to a media preview of the new plant-based vegan menu of Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. As an omnivore, »

EAT! Pastry - 18 Desserts from 18 Pastry Chefs and Chocolatiers [RECAP]

This past weekend saw the finale of EAT! Vancouver, an annual food-centric celebration of Canadian chefs and cuisines. New to EAT! Vancouver for 2017 was EAT! Pastry, which is where I found myself last Saturday. With 18 participating patisseries and chocolatiers on-board, how many decadent desserts did it take to »

Crave Ka'anapali - A Taste of Maui [RECAP]

I've been told Hawaii is a pretty sweet food destination and having been to Honolulu myself, I tend to agree. With local foods including poke, poi, musubi, and some of the freshest pineapple, there's almost always something new for first-timers on these islands. Last Thursday I was invited to a »

Ways to Choose a Restaurant

UPDATE 2017-11-12: I received some feedback on this post claiming that I was overselling on Instagrammers when it came to choosing a good restaurant. I claim that "good" can mean something different to different people and that the methods below all help different diners with finding a restaurant. »

Mokutanya - Yakitori in the Bay Area Burbs [REVIEW]

The Bay Area is full of hidden gems. When I visited San Francisco in September I was meeting up with some of my favourite foodies and trusted them to make an informed dining decision. Because they live outside the city, we settled on Mokutanya, a yakitori specialty restaurant with some »

Say Hey – Hoagies in Vancouver [REVIEW]

You may not know it, but you've likely had a hoagie prior to today's review. Hoagies are culturally a Philadelphia take on the popular submarine sandwich. For Vancouver, there wasn't really a hoagie hut until Say Hey Cafe opened its doors last spring. In the same week I went to »

Louis Gervais Fine Foods and Catering [REVIEW]

If there's a black box category of dining where you don't always know what you get, it's catering. Considered by the corporate world as the finer alternative to quinoa salads from Costco, catering services can have all sorts of backgrounds marketing to similar customers. Take Louis Gervais Fine Foods and »

Ancora - Waterfront Brunching in Vancouver [REVIEW]

In the animal kingdom, having water nearby is a key source of choosing a habitat. I guess the dining equivalent would be having your restaurant near beautiful scenery and again, a source of water. Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio takes this to the next level by situating themselves in a »