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Hanson started Nosh and Nibble in 2014 and has been writing restaurant reviews, event overviews, and seasonal lists since then. He has a personal bias against pineapple.

Manoush'eh - Lebanese Flatbread in Vancouver [REVIEW]

Manousheh is the cherished national pie of Lebanon. Manoush'eh, with a Canadian spin on its name ("eh", get it), has appeared on the Davie Street strip serving up traditional Lebanese flatbreads. Often a staple for breakfast in Lebanon, manoushehs here are adapted for all meals of the day. »

The Victor – Pacific Northwest Eatery Opening [RECAP]

Parq Vancouver, the successor to Edgewater Casino, opened in 2017, but it took until January 2018 for it to launch all of its eateries. Featuring a contemporary and seasonally-inspired menu highlighting a wide array of Pacific Northwest seafood and a tiered selection of specialty steaks, The Victor has opened and »

Science of Cocktails 2018 - Sneak Peek [PREVIEW]

There's nothing like a preview to know exactly what you're getting yourself into. For Science of Cocktails 2018, I was given a small taste test of what's in store for this year's most scientifically-charged cocktail night. Hosted at Showcase Restaurant, I sampled through 4 cocktail stations, 3 food stations, and »

Beijiang Restaurant – Halal Uyghur in Richmond [REVIEW]

Taking a quick glance at Richmond's restaurant variety and you'd be accurate in a mostly Western chains, Chinese seafood restaurants, and Taiwanese snack shacks. That makes it all the more exciting to introduce a place like Beijiang Restaurant that features a halal Chinese menu. Hailing from the XinJiang region of »

Science of Cocktails Returns February 8th in Vancouver

If there's one event that I was absolutely floored by last year, it was a night spent at Science of Cocktails. Hosted at Science World, I got to experience first-hand the "night mode" of every Vancouverite's favourite science attraction. With the usual logical knick-knacks and visual stimuli in »

Cactus Club Cafe – Bentall 5 Dinner in Vancouver [REVIEW]

I usually don't write about a chain restaurant more than once, but Cactus Club Cafe made an exception. After my previous visit to their Coal Harbour location (tl;dr service was real slow), their Guest Relations department reached out to me to hear more. In the end, given the experience »

49th Parallel Coffee Roasters – Eggburger [REVIEW]

When I go for brunch, I look for eggs on the menu. When I go to bars, I look at the burgers on the menu. When I go to cafes, I look for lattes. When 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters unveiled their new eggburgers, it was like my food worlds collided. »

Shopping for Premium Olive Oil in Vancouver [GUIDE]

Food products are some of my favourites to give as gifts. When I was thinking of gifts for my sister, I came upon the idea of infused olive oil. These oils are premium olive oils flavoured with a whole variety of herbs, fruits, and other naturally occurring flavours that make »

Honey Salt – Farm-to-Table at Parq Vancouver [REVIEW]

Happy 2018! With a new year, I thought it would be fitting to share one of my finer experiences. I found myself at the recently-opened Honey Salt, 1 of 5 eateries found at Parq Vancouver. With a farm-to-table concept, does this upper-midrange restaurant exhibit a promising menu or are all »