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Di Beppe Caffe – Italian Cafe in Vancouver [REVIEW]

Joe's Pizza may have come and gone in a flash, but Di Beppe could be a solid mainstay in the neighbourhood for years to come. In Vancouver's Gastown neighbourhood, coffee is king and there are no fewer than 7 coffee shops within a 100m distance from the new Caffe Di »

Manoush'eh - Lebanese Flatbread in Vancouver [REVIEW]

Manousheh is the cherished national pie of Lebanon. Manoush'eh, with a Canadian spin on its name ("eh", get it), has appeared on the Davie Street strip serving up traditional Lebanese flatbreads. Often a staple for breakfast in Lebanon, manoushehs here are adapted for all meals of the day. »

Fresh by DCE – Meal-To-Go [REVIEW]

Between a typical 9-5, a commitment to fitness, and all the side hustles, it can be a tough struggle to keep a balanced diet for some workers in Vancouver. From the creators of Burger Noir, Fresh by DCE is a new endeavour to provide memorable meals-to-go with an emphasis on »

La Cantina - Fresh Mexican in Vancouver [REVIEW]

The Mexican scene in Vancouver continues to expand. Hailing from Whistler, BC, La Cantina has just opened its new location on Nelson Street in downtown Vancouver. With a focus on fresh tacos and imported Mexican flavours, these folks are on a mission similar to other pinche taco shops in the »

The Pokéman Kakigōri Café and Poké Shop – Vancouver [REVIEW]

2017 is not over yet, so the poke craze continues. Recently sprouting up in the western edge of Kitsilano in Vancouver is The Pokéman Kakigōri Café and Poké Shop. Boasting the highest number of accents on its lettering, The Pokéman offers a variety of fresh poké bowls in addition to »

ACME Cafe - Homey Diner in Vancouver [REVIEW]

Welp, the news is out there that ACME Cafe owners have sold their homey-feeling restaurant to a new owner looking to open a new concept. With that being said, I thought this a last chance for me to say some things about this Gastown eatery and share some parting words. »

Drew's Catering & Events – Fresh Window [REVIEW]

For much of the past 4 weeks, I've been a lucky judge for one of Vancouver Foodster's food challenges. The Burger Challenge was my most anticipated challenge of the year because I feel these buns of glory are underrated in the food community in Vancouver. For the judge's vote, the »

Say Hey – Hoagies in Vancouver [REVIEW]

You may not know it, but you've likely had a hoagie prior to today's review. Hoagies are culturally a Philadelphia take on the popular submarine sandwich. For Vancouver, there wasn't really a hoagie hut until Say Hey Cafe opened its doors last spring. In the same week I went to »

Parallel 49 Brewing - New Food Menu [REVIEW]

Summer's over but you still gotta go out to eat and drink, right? Actually, autumn might be the best time to go out to eat since students tend to have more exams they should be studying for. In the case of Parallel 49 Brewing Company, these folks just got a »