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Dalina - Grocery, Kitchen, and Coffee - Vancouver [REVIEW]

New concept eateries always get me excited. In the case of Dalina, which opened last December, I was intrigued by the grocery, kitchen and coffee concept which sounded like an interesting central eatery idea. I like to think of it like Be Fresh Local Market or Whole Foods without the »

Assembli - Custom Pizza and Salad Review - Vancouver

Lunch is a special meal. For those with a traditional lunch hour, the goals of lunch are usually to find something wholesome and not overly unhealthy. With quick bites and a philosophy of ownership in the finished product, Assembli has recently sprouted up in Vancouver's busy Cambie Street corridor. Do »

Freebird Chicken Shack - Review - New Westminster

This past weekend I was watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (Baby Groot, am I right?) and after hearing about Freebird Chicken Shack's new home at the River Market in New Westminster, I knew we were coming to lunch after the film. Read on to find my take on »