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Rhinofish – Taiwanese Beef Noodle in Vancouver [REVIEW]

It's autumn now so rainy afternoons and windy nights are the norm for the next few months. With somber weather in mind, I thought it'd be a good time to share my experiences at Rhinofish Noodle Bar. With its classic niu rou mian and other Taiwanese delights on the menu, »

"The Shop" at Two Rivers Meats - North Vancouver [REVIEW]

A couple months ago I was treated to a media opening party for The Shop at Two Rivers Meats in North Vancouver, a new butcher/restaurant combo. Sourcing from local farms and prepping all under roof, The Shop is a Greater Vancouver-friendly supplier, and it's finally open! Is eating your »

Paramount Fine Foods - Lebanese Cuisine in Vancouver [REVIEW]

Lebanese food can be hard to come by in restaurant form. In Vancouver, there are just a small smattering of them not named Nuba. So when I found out Paramount Fine Foods (a Canadian chain) was opened along central Robson Street, I was curious. Does this chain deliver good enough »

Banter Room - Lunch in Yaletown - Vancouver [REVIEW]

A new restaurant in Vancouver's Yaletown is always an exciting topic for me because it's a neighbourhood that mixes industrial cityscape with modern restaurant design. Banter Room is one of the newest additions to the dining scene and aims to provide a comfortable space where drinks and conversation are the »

Dalina - Grocery, Kitchen, and Coffee - Vancouver [REVIEW]

New concept eateries always get me excited. In the case of Dalina, which opened last December, I was intrigued by the grocery, kitchen and coffee concept which sounded like an interesting central eatery idea. I like to think of it like Be Fresh Local Market or Whole Foods without the »

Assembli - Custom Pizza and Salad Review - Vancouver

Lunch is a special meal. For those with a traditional lunch hour, the goals of lunch are usually to find something wholesome and not overly unhealthy. With quick bites and a philosophy of ownership in the finished product, Assembli has recently sprouted up in Vancouver's busy Cambie Street corridor. Do »

Freebird Chicken Shack - Review - New Westminster

This past weekend I was watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (Baby Groot, am I right?) and after hearing about Freebird Chicken Shack's new home at the River Market in New Westminster, I knew we were coming to lunch after the film. Read on to find my take on »

Hendricks Resto-Lounge - Lunch in Vancouver [REVIEW]

Restaurants that are somewhat hidden always feel like a tempting adventure for me. Long narrow walkways, off-street diverges, and discrete signage are popular forms of mysterious restaurants. Hendricks Resto-Lounge doesn’t have a big presence on the street and requires you to walk up the Westin Grand Hotel’s elegant »

Ramen Gojiro - Godzilla Ramen in Vancouver [REVIEW]

Hey guys! If you’re looking for a skytrain-accessible new ramen restaurant that isn’t found in the West End, Ramen Gojiro has recently opened up in Vancouver for that purpose. Hailing from the same parent company of Ramen Butcher, does this ramen eatery’s broth and noodles take you »