I am the type of person to consider giving a Japanese snack box as a gift so it's a little strange to be on the other end of receiving not one but TWO boxes from Sakuraco and TokyoTreats to try. While both are filled with Japanese snacks, the branding and snack contents are made for slightly different audiences. Both boxes are the same price points for all subscription levels and guarantee the delivery of authentic Japanese for your friends and loved ones. Join me in my discovery of both boxes this holiday season to see what's inside.

Sakuraco Subscription Box
Sakuraco Subscription Box


Sakuraco (starting at $32.50 USD/mo for 12 months) specializes in a refined snack experience. This month's theme was "Holidays in Hokkaido". We're talking rice crackers, yuzu infusions, and straight up Japanese chinaware. This box would be ideal for somebody who loves savoury snacks or enjoys a Japanese tea with their Japanese snacks. In my box, I received the following:

  1. Milk Mochi
  2. Matcha Genmaicha Tea
  3. Milk and Chocolate Sand (Cookie)
  4. Hokkaido Adzuki Cake
  5. Baumkuchen
  6. Indigo Yuzen Dish
  7. Hakodate Squid Senbei
  8. Fried Corn Snack
  9. Yuzu Kaki no Tane
  10. Camembert Cheese Arare
  11. Okinawan Sal Daifuku
  12. White Chocolate Fruit: Strawberry
  13. Wasabi Pistachios
  14. Muscat Fruit Jelly
  15. Hokkaido Butter Cookie
Sakuraco Subscription Box - All Snacks
Sakuraco Subscription Box - All Snacks

Out of the snacks above, I most enjoyed the Hokkaido Adzuki Cake which to my delight was flaky and creamy despite being shipped all the way from Japan.

I was most surprised by the Camembert Cheese Arare. These chips tasted like the Japanese version of a Ritz crackers and I desperately need more because I can't find them anywhere else in Canada.

If snacks had an aesthetic value, I would place the Hakodate Squid Senbei at the top. Squid-shaped and squid-flavoured all in one package was the cutest squid to munch on.

Sakuraco Subscription Box - Snacks in the Box


Next I opened the TokyoTreat (starting at $32.50/mo USD for 12 months) box and this month's theme was "Snacktacular Christmas". We're talking Christmas Kokutou donuts, Christmas gummies, and other sweet treats. This box would be ideal for somebody who loves festive snacks, sweet surprises, or wild variations of their favourite KitKat sticks. In my box, I received the following:

  1. KitKat Strawberry Chocolate Cake
  2. Christmas Kokutou Donut
  3. Christmas Cake Gummies
  4. Christmas Crunch Mix
  5. Premium Ghana Chocolate Caramel
  6. Christmas Pizza Corn Snacks
  7. Pure Potato Truffle & Rock Salt
  8. Calpis Soda
  9. Snow Sugar Karinto
  10. Snowball Marshmallow
  11. Streamer Marshmallow Stick
  12. Spicy Kitakata Ramen
  13. Don Don Yaki Tonkatsu Sauce Crackers
  14. Chocolate Candy Cane
  15. Sour Cream Potato Crackers
TokyoTreat Subscription Box
TokyoTreat Subscription Box

Out of the snacks above, I most enjoyed the Pure Potato Truffle & Rock Salt chips. These were wonderfully thick-cut chips that didn't overload on the grease. I wish more North American brands could take note for their thick or wedge-cut chips.

I was most surprised by the Christmas Cake Gummies. Generally, surgary jellies in North America are very sweet and I have to be careful how much I eat because the sheer amount leaves a sticky residue on my teeth. These gummies still had all the gelatin but a more tolerable amount of sweetness. Perhaps that is because the TokyoTreat curators know I'm not going to stop eating after a single gummy.

TokyoTreat Subscription Box - All Snacks
TokyoTreat Subscription Box - All Snacks

Subscription Options:

Both TokyoTreat and Sakuraco boxes can be had for as low as $32.50/month, but if you're not ready for that kind of commitment, 6, 3, and 1-month options are also available. For gifts, I like to give the 3-month subscription because you get to see how the snacks rotate through the seasons and your recipient gets to reminded of your great gift-giving skills 3 different times.

Compared to other subscription boxes I've tried, both TokyoTreat and Sakuraco go an extra mile by providing a little booklet describing the goods inside and share holiday or seasonal travel guides based on the theme of the month. There might be 2-4 fewer overall snacks inside but I also appreciate the price point being lower than competitors. It's a fair tradeoff and I think you get 99% of the joy.

TokyoTreat Subscription Box - Snacks in Box
TokyoTreat Subscription Box - Snacks in Box

Final Thoughts:

One-liner: Sakuraco and TokyoTreat offer different vibes of subscription boxes filled with a variety of treats and Japanese lore for you to eat your way through every Japanese season
Highlight: Sakuraco snacks
Price per box: Starting from $32.50 USD a month for 12 months

To order your own Sakuraco or TokyoTreat box, head on over to the links below:

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Explore new authentic Japanese snacks every month. Indulge in hand-selected seasonal sweets, snacks and tea made by local makers. Worldwide shipping.
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