1886 - Dim Sum at Parq Vancouver [REVIEW]

Dim sum is essentially the Hong Kong version of "brunch". Typically enjoyed on weekends in Vancouver, it's a great way to meet up with friends and try foods served in cute morsels and steamed containers. At Parq Vancouver, 1886 is a fine dining Chinese restaurant that provides a »

Moltaqa – New Moroccan Opening in Vancouver [OVERVIEW]

Ever since Argan Bistro shut down, Downtown Vancouver has had a dining void (shocking, I know) in Moroccan-style cuisine. In early 2018, Moltaqa opened in place of the departed ACME Cafe and looks to share their vision of Moroccan food and extensive use of traditional earthenware pots (known as " »

Ramen Takanotsume - New Hokkaido Ramen in West End, Vancouver [OVERVIEW]

Cherry blossom season might be over, but the Japanese charm of Vancouver's West End continues to bustle as a new ramen eatery has recently opened in the previously departed Ramenman location. Ramen Takanotsume (stylized as "Ramen TAKA"), of Hokkaido prefecture origin, has entered the Japanese noodle scene in »

Mamie Taylor's – Chicago Steakhouse Dinner in Vancouver [OVERVIEW]

Themed dinners are some of the most creative experiences you can have at a restaurant. Christmas and the other seasonal themes aside, Mamie Taylor's took control with their take on an 80's themed Chicago Steakhouse dinner, composed by Chef Jeff Koop (formerly of Washington Ave. Grill, Yaletown Brewing Company, and »

Grocery & Specialty Food West 2018 - My Top 5 Foods [RECAP]

The Grocery & Specialty Food West 2018 (GSF West 2018) show took place last week in Vancouver, offering grocery industry members to experience the potential future of grocery goods as presented by a number of distributors and independent brands. Featuring its largest show yet, the show took over 2 exhibition »

Soft Peaks - New Organic Soft Serve in Burnaby [OVERVIEW]

The sun is coming so it's an appropriate time to talk about the newest opening of Soft Peaks. After a few years of dominating the Gastown soft serve scene (peace out, UYU), the owners have opened a new location across the street from Metrotown in Burnaby. Last week, I was »