If there's anything I noticed in Harrison Hot Springs, it's that businesses here know their regulars. The reverse is true too, at least at Muddy Waters Cafe, a longtime eatery and destination of the Circle Farm Tour. After my overnight stay at the Harrison Beach Hotel, we started our next day with a breakfast stop at this farm-to-table cafe.

Disclosure: This was a complimentary meal as part of a media visit of the Circle Farm Tour. All opinions are my own.

Muddy Waters Cafe Harrison Hot Springs


Team Tastic came here for a weekday breakfast and I had a great taste of the following:

  • Coffee Cake (~$3)
  • Toasted English Muffin w/ pepper boursin, scrambled farm eggs, wild smoked coho lox, and Spanish onion ($14)
  • The farm house's homemade Meditteranean-style yogurt topped w/ granola and fresh seasonal fruit and served w/ toast and homemade preserves ($13)

The coffee cake was a slice of joy with a good mix of textures from the cookie-like crust and cakey interior. The filling was a fun mix of coffee and cinnamon flavours which helped awaken my taste buds.

Coffee Cake

Next up was the toasted English muffin. Essentially the breakfast of champions, this was a neat package of salmon and eggs, making this a pescatarian-friendly meal. The eggs were sourced from down the street which helped contribute to the local feeling of the menu.

Toasted English Muffin

Our other breakfast item was the Mediterranean-style yogurt. While small in appearance, this was a thick yogurt which provided a ton of energy. The preserves served on the side made for a great spread on the side of toast. I'd propose this dish is likely the healthiest you can get on the breakfast menu and it delivers on an energizing feeling once you finish.

Mediterranean-Style Yogurt

The tastiness of the food aside, I think some of the menu would benefit from more defined names for the food. Of course, I might just be a special use case as I have to describe the food and if the dish lacks a distinct name, I'm left instead listing all the components of the dish.


Muddy Waters Cafe is located on the beachfront at Harrison Hot Springs and features an excellent interior. Natural lighting floods the inside seating area because there are windows on both the sides of the business as well as on the roof. Seating is provided by way of window counters, regular tables, and the outdoor patio (total of about 60 seats). The vibe is quite calm and serene given the tranquil feeling of the view of Harrison Lagoon outside.

There is also a big case of familiarity when it comes to the regulars. I noticed the staff greeting their regulars (pretty much everyone on a weekday) by name as they walked in and struck up a casual conversation. Not saying this doesn't happen in Vancouver, BC, but it's more uncommon in the city due to the population size and grab-and-go vibe some places have.

View from Muddy Waters Cafe

Fun fact: Muddy Waters Cafe has seen 5 sisters from the same family work in the cafe as part of their growing up. In fact, at one time, 4 of these sisters were simultaneously on the employee scheduling list!

Inside Muddy Waters Cafe

Final Thoughts:

One-liner: Farm-to-table cafe with a penchant for chatting up its regulars
Highlight: Toasted English Muffin
Price per person: $8-$15
Would I go back? Yes.