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Sokol Blosser – A Winemaker Dinner at Semiahmoo Resort [OVERVIEW]

Destination dinners are a great way to plan a getaway. A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to experience a Pacific Northwest showcase of wine by Sokol Blosser Winery expertly paired to culinary creations by Bruno Feldeisen and Devin Kellogg, the head chef and sous chef respectively at »

The Italian – Osteria and Cheese Bar in Langley [OVERVIEW]

With places like Olive Garden packed on a daily basis, one wonders why Langley residents love Italian food so much and what a diner has to do when the cravings are for something a little more modern. Aptly, that might be where The Italian by Joseph Richard Group fits in. »

Ramen Takanotsume - New Hokkaido Ramen in West End, Vancouver [OVERVIEW]

Cherry blossom season might be over, but the Japanese charm of Vancouver's West End continues to bustle as a new ramen eatery has recently opened in the previously departed Ramenman location. Ramen Takanotsume (stylized as "Ramen TAKA"), of Hokkaido prefecture origin, has entered the Japanese noodle scene in »