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The Italian – Osteria and Cheese Bar in Langley [OVERVIEW]

With places like Olive Garden packed on a daily basis, one wonders why Langley residents love Italian food so much and what a diner has to do when the cravings are for something a little more modern. Aptly, that might be where The Italian by Joseph Richard Group fits in. »

Ramen Takanotsume - New Hokkaido Ramen in West End, Vancouver [OVERVIEW]

Cherry blossom season might be over, but the Japanese charm of Vancouver's West End continues to bustle as a new ramen eatery has recently opened in the previously departed Ramenman location. Ramen Takanotsume (stylized as "Ramen TAKA"), of Hokkaido prefecture origin, has entered the Japanese noodle scene in »

Top 5 Things to Eat at Ramen Koika - New Ramen on Robson [OVERVIEW]

Ramen never ceases to appear in Vancouver's West End neighbourhood. In the ashes of what used to be the Robson Street edition of Hapa Izakaya is the second location of David Street's Ramen Koika. Newly renovated, this space also includes a dedicated space for making ramen noodles, which matches the »

St. Lawrence - Homey Quebecois in Vancouver [REVIEW]

If you keep up with any sort of lifestyle column in Vancouver, you'll know that St. Lawrence has stormed onto the scene as one of Vancouver's best new openings of 2017 (see Alexandra Gill, Vancouver Magazine results pending, and Georgia Straight). It took me awhile to find time for this »

The Blenheim - New Neighbourhood Pub in Kitsilano [REVIEW]

The difference between an urban and a neighbourhood pub is the audience these appeal to. A neighbourhood pub can have any combination of chill service, personable staff, or other family-friendly activities. The Blenheim is one of 2017's last openings on this neighbourhood pub mission and I was invited to have »