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Dine Out Vancouver 2019 on Granville Island [PREVIEW]

Dine Out Vancouver, the biggest dining festival in Vancouver, BC, is fully underway, so for me, a preview had me touring 3 restaurants on my favourite tourist destination in the 604: Granville Island. After visits to Dockside Restaurant, The Sandbar, and The Vancouver Fish Company... »

The Dolar Shop – Premium Hot Pot in Richmond [REVIEW]

The Dolar Shop was a big opening for Lansdowne Centre in 2018 and with it came an introduction to a whole new tier of hot pot. Metro Vancouver certainly has its share of individual and group-style hot pot, but to my knowledge, none of them offer the supreme quality of service... »

The Victor - Parq Vancouver Birthday Visit [REVIEW]

When it comes to choosing a restaurant for a birthday, I'm in the camp that appreciates a fancier restaurant for this joyous occasion. For my girlfriend's birthday, we opted for The Victor, a steakhouse in the same complex as the Parq Vancouver casino. »

The Mackenzie Room – The "I Want It All" for 2 in Vancouver [REVIEW]

Instead of my barking orders of what I think is good at my server, I'm ready to throw my money at the restaurant and have them serve what they'd like to serve, sans pineapples. Such an option was possible at The Mackenzie Room, a Northwestern-style restaurant in Vancouver's Railtown neighbourhood. »

Mamie Taylor's in Chinatown – New Team, New Winter Menu [PREVIEW]

Vancouver's Chinatown neighbourhood is in the middle of an identity change. As landlords quabble over what should be developed and what should be preserved, restaurants like Mamie Taylor's live another year, offering a new spin on comfort foods in a restaurant styled like a hunters' lodge. »