Chocolate is forever in demand. To exemplify this love of chocolate, the end of 2017 saw Lindt open a new store at an equally new building, the Vancouver Exchange Tower. Featuring chocolates exclusive to a flagship location and a selection of chocolate drinks, how does Lindt shake the chocolate scene in downtown Vancouver?

Lindt Chocolate Vancouver


I was given a short tour of this flagship store which included the following:

  • Chocolate Drinks Bar
  • Choose-Your-Own Lindor Truffles
  • Seasonal Exclusives

The Chocolate Drinks Bar was my number one reason for stopping by this day. I'm a fan of mochas and ones made with real chocolate take things to the next level of enjoyment.

I tried 3 drinks:

  • Iced White Chocolate Mocha
  • Classic Milk Hot Chocolate
  • Intense Dark Hot Chocolate

All drinks were made with Lindt chocolate. In the case of the iced white chocolate mocha, the staff used pre-chilled ganache which I presume blends better in cold beverages. I'm normally a dark chocolate guy but man what a joy espresso adds to a white chocolate drink.

Iced White Chocolate Mocha

The classic milk hot chocolate was as classic as it gets. Sourced from a free-flowing chocolate fountain, this would be the quintessential average choice for most customers. Sadly hot chocolate art isn't a thing at Lindt but the dollop of white chocolate did up the presentation value, if only a touch.

Classic Milk Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Fountain

The intense dark hot chocolate was as its name implies, dark. The flakes of dark chocolate on top melted quickly adding even more cacao oomph to the flavour profile. I'm all for the antioxidants that are released by darker chocolate and would recommend this drink to any chocolate lover.

Intense Dark Hot Chocolate


Towards the back of the Lindt Chocolate shop was a dedicated section of Lindt flavours for customers to peruse and fill up boxes with. Unlike the vendor stores (e.g. London Drugs, Costco), this store has all of the flavours, including interesting ones like raspberry and coffee.

Lindor Truffles

Seasonal boxes are also available for shoppers who want a themed flair for gifts. During my visit (February 2nd), Valentine's and Chinese New Year boxes were available and I was given word that Easter was up next. Chocolates include classic assorted boxes as well as packages with more premium flavours.

Chinese New Year Seasonal Box

Valentine's Day Seasonal Box

The flagship shop itself is beautiful inside with lots of marble patterns, beautiful chandeliers, and high ceilings. You can tell Lindt's made it and can afford some nice shindigs for its stores.

Inside Lindt

Outside Lindt

Final Thoughts:

One-liner: All the flavours of Lindt and an awesome chocolate drinks bar in one shop
Highlight: Cold White Chocolate Mocha
Price per person: $5-$30
Would I go back? Yes.