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Cactus Club Cafe - New Spring Feature Cocktails [OVERVIEW]

Spring is in high fashion at Cactus Club Cafe. The North Vancouver-born chain recently released a few new cocktails (2 spirit-free, 1 margarita) and invited me to come by and have a taste. I took this opportunity to dine at the coveted English Bay location in Vancouver. Disclosure: This was »

St. Lawrence - Homey Quebecois in Vancouver [REVIEW]

If you keep up with any sort of lifestyle column in Vancouver, you'll know that St. Lawrence has stormed onto the scene as one of Vancouver's best new openings of 2017 (see Alexandra Gill, Vancouver Magazine results pending, and Georgia Straight). It took me awhile to find time for this »

Assembli - Now Open in Downtown Vancouver [OVERVIEW]

Watching your food be prepped before your eyes is a treat. Subway's done it for sandwiches but for something heartier, pizza is also an option at Assembli. Priding themselves on quick, fresh lunch options, these folks specialize in pizza and salads and fit the schedule of a busy lunch hour »

11 Things to Try from Storm City Coffee in Vancouver [OVERVIEW]

It's not often I get to go to a coffee shop tasting. Located in Vancouver's Kitsilano neighbourhood, Storm City Coffee is an independent coffee shop that fits the university student vibe with its long tables, power outlets, and corner cafe vibes. I was taken on a food-tasting experience last week »

Grocery & Specialty Food West Show 2018 [EVENT]

Perusing grocery store shelves for cool new products is one of my favourite jams when I'm travelling or exploring a neighbourhood. It's a fascinating game looking for game changing products. For those who keep up with the grocery game, last year's Grocery & Specialty Food West Show in Vancouver produced »

The Blenheim - New Neighbourhood Pub in Kitsilano [REVIEW]

The difference between an urban and a neighbourhood pub is the audience these appeal to. A neighbourhood pub can have any combination of chill service, personable staff, or other family-friendly activities. The Blenheim is one of 2017's last openings on this neighbourhood pub mission and I was invited to have »