Summer's whizzing by and my sister just got married so I apologize for the recent delay in new content. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the 10th Deighton Cup and with it, an experience of 20s style dress-up and an afternoon at the races. Coming up are some photos of my experience in the crowds and my favourite parts of the day.

Disclosure: I was given a media ticket as part of my coverage of this event. All opinions are my own.

Deighton Cup 2018

The Deighton Cup:

The Deighton Cup took place on Saturday, July 21st and these were my favourite parts of the day:

  • The theme
  • The food
  • The art of horse-racing

The Theme:

One thing I think Vancouver could benefit from having more of are themed events. Halloween only comes once a year and seasonal events are cookie cutter choices. The Deighton Cup was a full-on throwback to the olde times with pastel suits and ornaments for the guys and fascinators and floral flowy frills that'd make Marilyn Monroe jealous for the girls. Those who were extra keen could enter the Style Stakes competition which was a fashion contest for the best outfits of the day.

Style at The Deighton Cup

Style Stakes Runway

The Food:

For the first time in my experiencing of The Deighton Cup, the food was provided by a number of popular Vancouver restaurants as opposed to a catering company. In our case, Earl's was the provider of today's meal so we enjoyed a Santa Fe Chicken Salad and a Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl.

The Santa Fe was the low-carb option at Earl's and featured a fresh mix of corn, avocado other refreshing ingredients. The Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl was the Asian-inspired choice and was a classic mix of teriyaki sauce, chicken, peanut, and black sesame atop a bed of white rice.

I wish the rice was firmer on my teriyaki bowl but the low-carb option of the Santa Fe was spot-on especially for those looking for a refreshing pick-me-up as opposed to a potential food coma.

Earl's - Santa Fe Chicken Salad and Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl

Drinks were on-hand to complement the food or even if you just wanted to get sloshed. I opted for the Angry Orchard ciders because I wanted something refreshing and carbonated for this hot summer day.

Angry Orchard Ciders

The Art of Horse-Racing:

The whole concept of Deighton Cup is a day at the races, and the horse-racing is legitimate fun. Patrons can place their bets on horses before the races and choose between actual odds. Do you choose the horse with the best record or the ride who has had the lighter breakfast for your winner? Regardless, the stampede of hooves is real and hearing the stadium roar as their number torpedoes to the finish line is a huge adrenaline booster.

Horse Racer

Final Thoughts:

One-liner: A themed afternoon at the races featuring local Vancouver activities
Highlight: The style of the guests
Price per person: $55+
Would I go back? Yes.