Between a typical 9-5, a commitment to fitness, and all the side hustles, it can be a tough struggle to keep a balanced diet for some workers in Vancouver. From the creators of Burger Noir, Fresh by DCE is a new endeavour to provide memorable meals-to-go with an emphasis on nutrition, quality, and sustainability.

Disclosure: I was given a couple of complimentary bowls by Drew's Catering & Events to try. All opinions are my own.

Fresh by DCE


I was given the following meals to try out:

  • Confit Chicken Salad ($15)
  • Rainbow Salad ($12)

The confit chicken salad came with organic greens, olive oil confit chicken, lavender infused oranges and preserved orange marmalade vinaigrette. The confit chicken provided the bulk of the flavour in this dish and the oranges were a refreshing finish. The marmalade vinaigrette was a little thin for me so I wish there was more to go around.

Confit Chicken Salad

My choice meal was the rainbow salad with its marinated rainbow carrots with organic greens, seasonal vegetables, crispy rice and vegetable granola, and miso sesame dressing. The miso sesame dressing was a much more substantial flavour agent compared to the confit chicken salad's vinaigrette. There was much more crunch to go around in this bowl which made eating it a delightful joy. At $12, it's also on the cheaper end of the menu and would be a solid salad unless you need more protein. You'll likely want to pair this up with something else as it's a little light at 378 calories.

Rainbow Salad


The full range of Fresh meals can be purchased at any of the 5 Body Energy Clubs in Vancouver. Hopefully Fresh by DCE makes its way to more locations because as it stands, most people in East or South Vancouver are out of luck as Body Energy Club is mostly located in or around downtown Vancouver.

Fresh by DCE

Unopened Packages

Final Thoughts:

One-liner: Healthy meals-to-go with an emphasis on fun flavours and balanced nutrition
Highlight: Rainbow Salad
Price per person: $12-$17 per meal
Would I try again? If I were starting a fitness plan, yes.