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Boca'O – The Spanish Tapas Food Truck Experience [OVERVIEW]

Thinking of grabbing a bite as the Spaniards would? Then Vancouver's newest food truck, Boca'O, might be right up your alley. Taking Spanish tapas classics such as potatoes, jamón serrano, and manchego cheese, Boca'O serves up a tidy variety of meals you can enjoy if... »

Win Win Chick-N – Fried Chicken in Steveston [OVERVIEW]

Metro Vancouver is really good at filling food niches in its various neighbourhoods. Though this has been a long time coming, the timing couldn't be better as 2018 takes credit for 3 fried chicken openings and now Richmond's Steveston neighbourhood has Win Win Chick-N to call its own. »

Hopcott Premium Meats Bistro – A Farm-to-Plate Lunch [OVERVIEW]

As a business of the Circle Farm Tour, Hopcott Premium Meats Bistro in Pitt Meadows represents the joy of shopping local, supporting the Fraser Valley, and indulging in homey eats. As part of my journey to Harrison Hot Springs last week, I got to stop by this local farm store »

14 Summer Menu Items from Rocky Mountain Flatbread [OVERVIEW]

Despite the rain, summer has formally hit Vancouver which means the most popular flatbread restaurant in Kitsilano has refreshed its menu with summer chops in mind. Rocky Mountain Flatbread has been a mainstay in the neighbourhood for years and blends a family-friend restaurant with a sustainable menu appealing to various »

Pokéworks - Secret Kale Noodle Poke in Vancouver [OVERVIEW]

I've been to 5 poke (pronounced "poe-kay") shops in Vancouver and not one of them offers kale noodles as a base. At any of Pokerrito, Poke Time, Pokeman, Poke Guy, or Poke Shop, rice is normally the main base with burrito an option at some venues. If you're »

1886 - Dim Sum at Parq Vancouver [REVIEW]

Dim sum is essentially the Hong Kong version of "brunch". Typically enjoyed on weekends in Vancouver, it's a great way to meet up with friends and try foods served in cute morsels and steamed containers. At Parq Vancouver, 1886 is a fine dining Chinese restaurant that provides a »