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11 Things to Try from Storm City Coffee in Vancouver [OVERVIEW]

It's not often I get to go to a coffee shop tasting. Located in Vancouver's Kitsilano neighbourhood, Storm City Coffee is an independent coffee shop that fits the university student vibe with its long tables, power outlets, and corner cafe vibes. I was taken on a food-tasting experience last week »

Di Beppe Caffe – Italian Cafe in Vancouver [REVIEW]

Joe's Pizza may have come and gone in a flash, but Di Beppe could be a solid mainstay in the neighbourhood for years to come. In Vancouver's Gastown neighbourhood, coffee is king and there are no fewer than 7 coffee shops within a 100m distance from the new Caffe Di »

Zenstone Coffee – Richmond's Best Latte Art [REVIEW]

Anyone who reads this blog knows about the shift in preference I've had going from black coffee to soy/almond lattes to real lattes. The natural sweetness of milk and better latte art are too hard for me to pass up these days so I carry a stash of lactase »

Caffe Artigiano - New Holiday Drinks and Treats [REVIEW]

With the holiday season in full swing, some coffee shops will be unveiling seasonal drinks with warming flavours such as eggnog and gingerbread. For Canadian company Caffe Artigiano, this means the (re)introduction of 4 holiday-themed drinks. Last Saturday I was given a chance to try them all and provide »

Quantum Coffee - Single Origin Roasting in Vancouver [REVIEW]

Finding good coffee can be surprisingly hard if you only have Starbucks Pumpkin Spice vision. In downtown Vancouver, there are numerous options that for the most part, are local chains with the occasional independent shop. Enter Quantum Coffee from Toronto. Does this now-national chain shake up the Granville Street scene »

Kahve - Latte Review - Vancouver

I love visiting Kitsilano. In particular, the West 4th strip is a space of good eats, lifestyle shops, and a beach, all in close proximity. I was recently here for an unrelated media tasting but on my way home I walked by Kahve. I knew I was going to have »

Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar - Siphon Review - Vancouver

When's the last time you spent $10 on a cup of coffee? Most of us have yet to reach this level of coffee enjoyment, but a few shops in Vancouver hover around this mark when it comes to serving up siphon-brewed coffee. Starbucks has recently expanded its small-lot Starbucks Reserve® »

Propaganda Coffee - Latte Review - Vancouver

Lattes are my go-to whenever I'm at any coffee shop. Luckily, I live and work in Vancouver where coffee shops are aplenty and so my latest coffee-venture took me to Propaganda Coffee in Chinatown. Espresso: Team GlueCrew came here for a mid-afternoon coffee and I had myself a Latte ($4. »

Yama Cafe - Japanese Treats in Vancouver [REVIEW]

Anyone who’s a fan of Asian bakeries in Vancouver has likely heard of Basho Cafe’s recent closure late last year. In its place though, rises Yama Cafe. Founded by a former Basho employee, this cafe seeks to take the place of what was one of Vancouver’s most »

Nemesis Coffee - Hipster Cafe in Vancouver [REVIEW]

Engaging name? Check. Eclectic design? Check. Busy neighbourhood? Check. All the things that help make a new coffee shop busy are in place, and it looks like Nemesis Coffee has been unravelling from its soft opening to a full-on opening. Do the coffee and atmosphere make for a terrific experience »