Posts tagged with brunch imply a meal was consumed between the hours of 10-2pm, on a weekend, unless a restaurant has everyday brunch

OneCoffee Brunch Takeover at Chambar [RECAP]

Coffee pods and landfills – name a more iconic duo, eh? In the blue corner, OneCoffee appears to offer a solution that's both 100% compostable, fair trade, organic, and all the other buzzwords you like. In the red corner though, is bureaucracy. »

Eggspectation – Everyday Brunch in Richmond [OVERVIEW]

For a city like Richmond, brunch options are certainly not as prevalent as they are in Vancouver proper. For that reason, it makes sense that Eggspectation has chosen the Accent Inn as its first home in Western Canada. With roots in Montreal and a brunch menu available every day... »

Moltaqa – New Moroccan Opening in Vancouver [OVERVIEW]

Ever since Argan Bistro shut down, Downtown Vancouver has had a dining void (shocking, I know) in Moroccan-style cuisine. In early 2018, Moltaqa opened in place of the departed ACME Cafe and looks to share their vision of Moroccan food and extensive use of traditional earthenware pots (known as " »

OneCoffee - Coffee Brunch and Brew at Medina Cafe [RECAP]

Some people enjoy coffee at cafes and some enjoy coffee at home. With coffee pods constantly involved in conversations about landfills, the need for compostable coffee pods is apparent. Enter OneCoffee, who have just launched their compostable coffee pods compatible with a Keurig 2.0 brewer. I was invited (along »

Ancora - Waterfront Brunching in Vancouver [REVIEW]

In the animal kingdom, having water nearby is a key source of choosing a habitat. I guess the dining equivalent would be having your restaurant near beautiful scenery and again, a source of water. Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio takes this to the next level by situating themselves in a »

Hawk & Hen - Waiting on Brunch in Victoria [REVIEW]

A day trip to Victoria can be hectic enough as it is. Between the 3 hours spent commuting on a ferry and the distance to and from terminals, I like to keep a soft timer on things like meal time and chopping out itinerary items in case there isn't enough »

The New Oxford - Brunch in Vancouver [REVIEW]

The Donnelly Group is known for producing a number of pub-type restaurants as well as event venues around Vancouver. Among its Yaletown presence is The New Oxford which features Executive Chef Alvin Pillay (previously of Hubbub and Edible Canada) and Development Chef Sarah Stewart (previously of Juniper). I was given »