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Buns + Boba – Craft Buns and Bubble Tea in Vancouver [OVERVIEW]

With bubble tea popularity reaching an all-time high in Vancouver, it was quite refreshing to see something other than an international chain expansion open in Vancouver. Buns + Boba, a local operation that sources all bubble tea ingredients from within Canada, is making a name for itself... »

Uno Gelato – Bella Gelateria's Spiritual Successor [REVIEW]

After a publicized falling out with his gelateria due to his estranged ex-partner in 2017, longtime gelato artisan James Coleridge is back in the Vancouver gelato scene with Uno Gelato, a group of gelaterias the decorated gelato maestro plans to open around the city. »

Soft Peaks - New Organic Soft Serve in Burnaby [OVERVIEW]

The sun is coming so it's an appropriate time to talk about the newest opening of Soft Peaks. After a few years of dominating the Gastown soft serve scene (peace out, UYU), the owners have opened a new location across the street from Metrotown in Burnaby. Last week, I was »

Milkcow - Organic Soft Serve Ice Cream in Richmond [OVERVIEW]

Korean-style soft serve ice cream has, until recently, resided only in Vancouver's Gastown neighbourhood. Disregarding the expansion of Soft Peaks to Burnaby, Milkcow is the newest company to introduce its flavours to answer ice cream cravings. This Richmond location follows the existing Milkcow chain from South Korea and I was »

Mr. Mustache – Cute Desserts and Tea in Burnaby [OVERVIEW]

Even though I'm not in college anymore, I appreciate a good study cafe especially if the music isn't too loud and the venue is accessible for my study group. Mr. Mustache appears to fit the bill, taking up residence in yesteryear's Cafe Joie. While the interior might be largely the »

T-Go Tea - Naturally-Flavoured Bubble Tea in Richmond [REVIEW]

I love bubble tea (or boba for you Americans). Even though I'm a fan of these specialty tea drinks, I'm aware that many "traditional" shops serve up slushes full of sugar syrups and milk teas with flavoured powders. That's a pretty poor diet long-term, so I'm happy to »

Rad Tea Room - Clean Bubble Tea in Downtown Vancouver [REVIEW]

Anyone who's had traditional bubble tea know milk powder, tea powder, and cheap pearls are as classic as it gets. At Rad Tea Room, the concerns of such overly sweet, processed flavours are addressed by real ingredients and a workflow that produces your drink of choice in a visible space. »

Umaluma - Dairy-Free Gelato in Vancouver [REVIEW]

I love ice cream as much as anyone in Vancouver. Lactose intolerance doesn't stop me from enjoying this sweet dessert but I admit I get pretty pumped whenever I hear of a dairy-free option that's not sorbet. In comes Umaluma, and my interest is immediately piqued. Coconut milk, organic ingredients, »

45 Degree Bubble Tea - Shaken With Ice [REVIEW]

I've recently begun a bubble tea phase. It's probably because my workplace is near a bubble tea place that lets you choose from all sorts of teas. I guess it's only fitting that when Eat With Mao hit me up to try out 45 Degrees Bubble Tea House, I was »