North Vancouver

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Smoke and Bones - Award-Winning BBQ in North Vancouver [REVIEW]

Everyone likes a good barbecue story. Hailing from some town, these folks have been crowned winners of various trophies and appeared at various barbeque-focused events, including at the PNE. Smoke and Bones, which previously operated a catering service on the North Shore, has recently opened a full restaurant in North »

Louis Gervais Fine Foods and Catering [REVIEW]

If there's a black box category of dining where you don't always know what you get, it's catering. Considered by the corporate world as the finer alternative to quinoa salads from Costco, catering services can have all sorts of backgrounds marketing to similar customers. Take Louis Gervais Fine Foods and »

"The Shop" at Two Rivers Meats - North Vancouver [REVIEW]

A couple months ago I was treated to a media opening party for The Shop at Two Rivers Meats in North Vancouver, a new butcher/restaurant combo. Sourcing from local farms and prepping all under roof, The Shop is a Greater Vancouver-friendly supplier, and it's finally open! Is eating your »