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Vancouver Christmas Market 2018 - Food [RECAP]

One of my favourite things to do in December is visiting the Vancouver Christmas Market. Having been a steady visitor for 7 of its 9 years of operation, I'm always excited for the food vendors that pop up each year and how they play into the whole German Christmas vibe... »

EAT! Pastry 2018 – 5 Top Desserts [RECAP]

If you have any doubt to what the ultimate finish to a meal is, then safe to say an event like EAT! Pastry is not for you. Back for its second year in Vancouver's biggest food festival, EAT! Vancouver, a roster of talent was on-hand to deliver the sweeter things in life to hungry Vancouverites. »

The Mackenzie Room – The "I Want It All" for 2 in Vancouver [REVIEW]

Instead of my barking orders of what I think is good at my server, I'm ready to throw my money at the restaurant and have them serve what they'd like to serve, sans pineapples. Such an option was possible at The Mackenzie Room, a Northwestern-style restaurant in Vancouver's Railtown neighbourhood. »

Mamie Taylor's in Chinatown – New Team, New Winter Menu [PREVIEW]

Vancouver's Chinatown neighbourhood is in the middle of an identity change. As landlords quabble over what should be developed and what should be preserved, restaurants like Mamie Taylor's live another year, offering a new spin on comfort foods in a restaurant styled like a hunters' lodge. »

Restaurant Yugo – Japanese-French Fusion in Vancouver [REVIEW]

With so many Japanese sushi restaurants in Vancouver, it's easy to forget there are actually different concepts of Japanese cuisine beyond ramen. For my birthday back in August, my family and I went to Restaurant Yugo on Main Street to try out their Japanese-French cuisine. »